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Dr. Douglas Trolley and his team believe all people should have access to compassionate and comprehensive oral care. We pride ourselves creating a warm, welcoming environment for all of our patients, regardless of ability or age.

At Trolley Dental Care, we have the patience, understanding and experience that is needed for patients who require special physical, medical or cognitive considerations.  We work within each patient’s individual limitations, providing exceptional and personalized care.

All of our facilities are ADA-compliant and our staff has been certified as an Alzheimer’s Friendly Business

What is an Alzheimer’s Friendly Business?

Our staff underwent a program designed to help local business’ employees understand Alzheimer’s and dementia and provide simple techniques to ensure customers with the disease are treated with compassion and respect. 

The training included:

  • Being understanding of the challenges an individual with Alzheimer’s may have.
  • Becoming aware of behaviors commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease, such as confusion over where to find items, trouble finding words to explain, becoming easily irritated, and being overwhelmed by too many choices.
  • Proven tools for our staff to help in those situations, including speaking more slowly, being patient, offering fewer choices, or suggesting words if a person cannot find the right ones.

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